About Vaporkings

Our story began in the year 2008 as one of the first Retailers of Electronic cigarettes and eliquid in Australia.

The Vapor Kings journey began after visiting China to conduct  our own research on e-cigarette manufacturers for a six months period after it was introduced to us earlier in the year.

Vapor  Kings was born of passion, a passion for vaping, a passion for business and a passion for service and quality products, and this still remains the reputation of our company today.

We Found several companies that met our requirements with superior quality and had all the certifications in place to meet international standards.

We partnered  with several e cigarerette manufacturers  and then returned home to Australia and began our first importation of e cigarettes and e-liquid in September 2009.

We began to sell our products in several retail centres in Sydney on a temporary basis and also marketed our products overseas mainly to Europe through our suppliers contacts.

When the ban of nicotine sales came effective in Australia, we expanded our operation to serve our customers.  We  set up a small laboratory of our own in California usa in June 2011  (VAPOR KINGS LABS) in the  to make fresh made e-liquid for our customers who wish to import for their personal use.This process took a few months as our engineers had to supply each and every ingredient used, such as Nicotine, Flavour essences and other ingredients used to make e-liquid. Our Lab was certified by authorized third parties as an ISO clean room lab, we also setup another lab in Berlin Germany and also was approved in accordance with the law. Once we had all our accreditations in place our Engineers got to work on our first line of e-liquid series. Within a year our brand went Global and was in high demand. In 2013 we set up 2 more lab facilities, one in Korea and one in eastern  Europe Making our online store the one and only 1 stop solution for all your ecigarette need’s.

Vapor Kings now serve more than 40,000 satisfied customers locally and internationally.

We were established with a mission to provide the best quality nicotine e-liquids, electronic cigarettes and the best possible price and customer service support.

The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of our team has secured and proven our position as one of the world’s premier electronic cigarette and e-liquid providers. Our helpful team will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are provided with appropriate and high end products, and the support and information. We offer several means for our customers to get in touch with us via email or phone9am-12am 7 days a week on 0466 490 062.

At Vapor Kings we stock the largest and growing range of products, ensuring we continue to be able to meet the needs of new and experienced users alike.

The market for e-liquid has grown rapidly as the immense positive potential for electronic cigarettes is starting to be more widely understood. Vapor Kings e-liquid is all certified with highest quality and safe ingredients

We are a company that truly values some basic principles of honesty and integrity and always go the extra step to help all our customers.  If for any reason we get our service wrong then we encourage all our customers to give us feedback to rectify any further mistakes in the future.

Thank you for visiting our site. There are many companies that sell electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, but there is only one community that is the one and only Vapor Kings.

Vapor  Kings was born of passion, a passion for vaping, a passion for business and a passion for service and quality products, and this still remains the reputation of our company today.

Mission Statement

  • TO STRIVE to provide our customer with only the best electronic cigarettes and e-liquid nicotine products at the most competitive price,

  • TO ENSURE that the customer is heard and respond to their needs as quickly and effectively as we can.

  • TO BUILD an electronic cigarette and e-liquid business that serves and adds value to all our stakeholders, this includes our clients, our staff, the companies we buy from and the community at large.

  • TO VALUE integrity and to believe in doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.